World Health Day – Health for All

Africa faces a number of challenges in ensuring that every individual has access to quality healthcare – health equity. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of investing in healthcare infrastructure, training healthcare workers and provision of essential medicines and technologies. However, even before the pandemic, many African countries struggled to provide adequate healthcare to […]

Making healthcare accessible for vulnerable populations in Africa

Making healthcare accessible for vulnerable populations is an important issue that deserves a lot of consideration. Vulnerable populations are generally individuals who are at risk due to economic, social and health-related issues. These groups usually have limited access to basic health care due to a lack of financial resources, living in rural areas, or facing […]

Celebrating Africa’s Cultural Heritage

A Priceless Legacy Introduction: Africa is a continent that boasts a rich diversity of cultures and is home to a superfluity of cultural treasures. As we celebrate African Heritage Day, it is crucial to recognize the importance of preserving and nurturing Africa’s unique cultural identity. At African Renaissance, we recognize this African Heritage Day as […]

World Water Day

Celebrating Africa’s Cultural Heritage Caroline Kwamboka N., Trustee & Founding Director, African Renaissance, highlights the need for African countries as they review their sanitation policy guidelines to focus on the needs of marginalized and vulnerable populations. She emphasizes that ensuring access to safe and equitable sanitation is critical to advancing gender equality and social inclusion. […]