August 2022 – The African Renaissance

Equality, Equity & Socio-Economic Justice


It takes a village! Humanitarians in Africa

Every year, natural disasters affect billions of people; Millions go to bed hungry every night; Access to sanitary water is a bigger problem with each new day; More and more people are getting displaced every day. The people in the front line of the response to all these are humanitarians. They alleviate human suffering without regard to race, religion or territory.

On World Humanitarians Day, we take the time to recognise the efforts of humanitarians . This is because they also suffer and some are injured or killed in the line of duty. Their efforts save lives and help to preserve human dignity. The day is marked to raise awareness of how humanitarians try to make the world a better place.

As African Renaissance, we take today to celebrate the work of humanitarians on the African continent. Their work in conflict zones with vulnerable people, especially girls and women, is remarkable. We take their work as an inspiration to dedicate more effort to making Africa a place where people live in dignity. Their effort is a call to all of us to respond to the needs of the people who are in emergencies. 

We are committed to making policies that ease the work of humanitarians in Africa and the world. We salute all humanitarians! We appreciate that they show that one can do it alone – it takes a village!


Intergenerational Leadership

The young people in African are the resource that has set the stage for the next phase of our Continent. These young people are at the leading edge of change. Their energy and ability to innovate makes them the unstoppable movement that will catalyze the African renaissance. 

The continent of Africa is banking on this generation to accelerate the rate at which we will achieve human rights for all. The capacity of active young citizens to bring positive change to the world is recognized. This clear “Intergeneration Solidarity: Creating a world for all ages”. It acknowledges the voice of the young people in Africa. This will help reach Generation Equality and foster collaboration between people of all ages.

We must tackle ageism! It is critical in our efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The plans we make must be gender-responsive and must be inter-generational. This will in turn ensure that the issues of ageism are dealt with and everyone is able to enjoy their rights.

On this International Youth Day, the African Renaissance commits to amplify the voices of the people with the focus of achieving gender equality, health equity, sanitation rights and social protection. We commit to continue the work that is accelerating active citizenry especially among the young people in Africa.