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Health Equity

We acknowledge that Universal Access to Health is crucial for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. We aim to promote multi-sectoral, comprehensive, context-specific and responsive interventions to advance and strengthen primary health care, which is essential for achieving universal health coverage. We take particular interest in advocating for health financing because we recognize this as a foundational component that impacts the performance of the entire health system; including the overall performance and accessibility of healthcare systems, especially primary care services. The Africa Renaissance Trust aims to ensure that sufficient resources are allocated to healthcare, enabling people to receive the care they need without experiencing financial hardships. This advocacy for health financing encompasses various aspects, including the development of robust health infrastructure, the recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals, and the implementation of health promotion and disease prevention programs. By prioritizing universal access to health, advancing primary healthcare, and advocating for adequate health financing, we can work towards achieving the SDGs and creating a more equitable and resilient healthcare system for all.
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