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The African Renaissance Trust

African Renaissance is a Not-for-Profit Continental Charitable Trust that envisions a continent where populations live healthy, empowered, and dignified lives. African Renaissance was established in 2019 to challenge ideological, structural, and political drivers of inequality. We are invested in gender equality, health equity and socio-economic justice and we pursue our goals through the direct engagement of parliamentarians, political leaders, policy makers and communities across Africa.

We are committed to arresting inequality, inequity and injustice through: –



African Renaissance plays a key role in capacitating actors to continually engage on topical issues that advance their health, gender and socio-economic wellbeing. We lend our expertise to the ecosystem by enabling meaningful and strategic access to political elements, legislative processes and policy streams. We work with state and non-state actors – at regional, sub-regional, national and sub-national levels as we believe these are key in accelerating growth and sustaining an enabling environment for effective service delivery and sustainable development

African Renaissance envisions a continent where populations live healthy, empowered and dignified lives.

Gender Equality

We recognize that gender equality, women's empowerment, economic growth and development are mutually reinforcing and significantly correlated. We are concerned that exclusion widens disparities and inequality and therefore support both programmatic and policy interventions in this area. We believe in paying special attention to the needs of women and girls and those in vulnerable situations with a particular focus on ending open defecation, improving health for all, improving school attendance and learning for girls and raising awareness on menstrual hygiene practices.

Health Equity

We note that Universal Access to Health is essential in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. We Foster multi-sectoral transformative and context-responsive interventions to affirm and advance Primary Health Care as this is key towards the achievement of Universal Health. We take particular interest in advocating for Health Financing because we recognize this as a foundational component that impacts the entire health system's performance, including the delivery and accessibility to primary health care.

Socio-Economic Justice

We advocate for social protection to reduce poverty and arrest vulnerability. We are keen in diminishing people's exposure to risks, and enhancing their capacity to manage economic and social shocks that include  unemployment, exclusion, marginalization, disability and old age. We recognize that Covid-19 has exacerbated these vulnerabilities and we design solutions with communities to strengthen and sustain resilience.

We are committed to

Challenging ideological, structural and political drivers of inequality

We are contributing to Africa’s re-birth and renewal through the advancement of a just, equitable, coherent, collaborative and visible political order that supports gender equality, health equity and socio-economic justice.


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