Thematic Focus - African Renaissance

Thematic Focus

African Renaissance works in all areas of socio-economic and development policy. We cover interrelated themes in Global Health, Women’s Empowerment, Gender Equality, Youth & Social Inclusion, Universal Health Coverage, Primary Health Care & Health Financing Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Sanitation Rights and Social Protection and Education. We believe that all people have a right to health, well-being, education, livelihoods, social justice, and opportunity regardless of status or circumstances and we are devoted to centering the voices and lived experiences of vulnerable, marginalized, and last mile populations.

African Renaissance pays specific attention to women and girls’ concerns and is committed to enabling policy processes that tackle vulnerability and guarantee access to equitable, accessible, and quality services and prospects throughout the life cycle.

We are committed to enabling actors in low – and middle-income countries achieve growth and reduce poverty and disadvantage and we pursue lasting change through the direct engagement of policy makers, political leaders, parliamentarians, champions, and communities across Africa.

Gender Equality

AU Agenda 2063 is Africa’s concrete manifestation of the Pan-African drive for unity, self-determination & freedom progress and collective prosperity encapsulates not only

Health Equity

We develop resource materials and engage key decision makers to recognize and advance primary health care as a basis of delivering sustainable and people centred Universal Health Coverage (UHC). 

Socio-Economic Justice

We are committed to support efforts that reduce inequalities, empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all. Our advocacy interventions seek the elimination of 

Sanitation Rights

African Renaissance recognizes that Sanitation a personal and private matter, inextricably linked to human dignity. We are committed to supporting policy processes that assure access to safe, sufficient and affordable water, sanitation and hygiene facilities to promote health, dignity, prosperity and social and economic development for all. This thematic area contributes to AU 

Foundational Learning

Foundational learning is crucial as it lays the groundwork for all future educational endeavours and life skills. African Renaissance supports decision making processes to embrace the importance of basic literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills,. Foundational learning fosters independence, encourages lifelong learning. Efforts under this 

Economic Power

African Renaissance strengthens decision makers platforms and inspires economic development conversations.  We mobilize, organize and amplify voices of Africa’s citizenry to caucus their leaders particularly on decent jobs and productive employment for women and youth. Efforts under this thematic area contribute to AU Aspiration 1, 4, & 6 ; and SDG Targets 8.2, 8.3 and 8.6

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